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How to use custom domain on blogger

Use custom domain in Blogger/blogspot use your our domain name for your blog. Blogger provide us custom domain using facility. If you purchase a domain name through Blogger, there’s no issue in setting it up because Blogger automatically configures CNAME and A-record. And if you purchased a domain name separately, you have to manually configure setting it. In this post I’m going to tell you how to host your own domain name on Blogger/blogspot. 

How to use custom domain in blogger/blogspot?

 You need to buy your website domain name.

Step 1: Adding custom domain on Blogger

1. Log-in to your blogger Account

2. Select your Blog which you want to use with custom domain.

3. Click Setting option >+ Add a custom domain (See below help Image).

After click on Add a custom domain click > Switch to advanced settings. (See below demo image) 

Note:- click on check availability if you want buy a domain name through Google if you want use your already purchase domain follow below steps

Now in the “Advanced settings” enter your new domain name URL with www. (See below demo image for help)

Now when you press save button blogger display this error. We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 12. (as how in below image)

This error (error 12) shows because we need DNS setting.

Step 2: Change DNS settings

Go to your domain name registrar’s “DNS console” panel and log-in.
Navigate to the “Host Records” click edit.

Add a CNAME.

For Host Name/Name/Label or Host” field, enter “www” without quotes and
For Address/Destination/Target or Points To field, enter “” without the quotes.

1.Now add another CNAME. This is for domain ownership verification

In the Host Name field, paste the first code you get in step 2.3, ex: 

2. "mzwgquaqmysz ".

3. In the Destination field, paste the second code, ex: “”.

(Use your own ownership verification codes generated don’t use the two codes above).

Now we should add “A-records”. If you already have “A-records”, modify them. If not, click “Add” button.

You have to add 4 separate “A-records”, pointing to the following Google IP addresses:

Enter each IP into an “Address” field. In the corresponding “Host Name” field, enter your domain’s naked URL (without “www”, e.g
Finally click “Save” button and wait for a few minutes to update all your domain settings.

Update your Blogger settings

Now go back to “Settings > Basic > Publishing” on Blogger and again enter your custom domain name with “www”.

Tick “redirect” option if not tick on redirect box and your visit enter address they will get error and if you tick on redirect box and your visitors enter will be redirect on below demo helping image)

Finally click “Save” button. If it again displays “Unable to verify authority…” error, wait for a few hours to update your DNS settings and again add your domain name. No need to follow Host Records modifications. Just add domain name to Blogger publishing section.

That’s it, now your blog has a custom domain name.

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