Thursday, 5 July 2012

Eega Movie First Day Over All Public Talk

Finally After Many Postpones Eega Released Today, Special Shows are arranged in Chennai and Dubai yesterday, Based on the Special Show Updates here  i am presenting the first day talk of the movie. The Genuine review of mine will be posted Very Soon..

Main Highlight Of the movie is Graphics (Everyone Knows)

Sudeep Acting is Rocking in the movie

Rajamouli Making is Amazing

Keeravani's BGM is the Soul of the Movie

Movie Doesn't Have Logics

The Love Scenes and Some Scenes are Lagging

Thagubothu Ramesh and Santhanam Comedy is Hilarious

Samantha Looking Gordgeous

Car Racing Scene is Amazing

Intervel Bang and Climax is the Backbone for the movie

 Even though Eega didn't Reached to the High Expectations but its a Good Movie that can Happily watch along with the Family..

Eega Movie Live Updates From Premier Show

Cast -Eega, Nani, Samantha, Kiccha Sudeep & etc…..
Director – SS Rajamouli 
Music – MM Keeravani
Banner– Varahi Chalana Chitra 
Producer – Sai Korrapati
Presentation – D. Suresh Babu
Camera – Senthil Kumar
Editing – Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao

Show Started Now...

Conversation Berween a Father and Son Behind The Titles...

Every Charecter Entering in to the movie, Sudeep, Nani and Samantha

Samantha Went to collevt domations for Some project work to Sudeep's Constructions

Sudeep Fall in Love By Seeing Samantha Here

Nani Trying a lot to Impress Samantha

**Rocking Dialogue**
Blank message ante blank cheque antha powerful
Akkada entha amount kavalante antha veskovacchu ikkada emaina oohinchukovachu

Love Making Song Konchem Konchem - Superb Picturization

Finally Sudeep Killed Nani, Nani Giving Warning to Sudeep while dying

Main Hero Of the Movie "EEGA" Entered in to Screen, Fans Shouting

Eega is Teasig Sudeep, Its Irritating a lot, Very Funny

Eega Made Accident to Sudeep

First Half Ended

Last 20 Min Of First Half is Amazing... upto now movie is Ok. Not Boring

Eega Went to Samantha house and writes "nene naani ni malli puttanu" With his tears on a Glass

Eega is telling complete story to Samantha with his signs

Eeega Eega Eega Song Started..
Samantha and Eega is giving Torture to Sudeep..

Taagubothu Ramesh Comedy Hilarious

Stay Tuned For More Updates..