Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Samsung First Started Their Business With Noodles

Yes Its True, Samsung first started its business with a Noodles and dried seafood. This company was founded by Lee Byung-chull in the year 1938 at Korea. The Name Samsung means “three stars”, He kept that name to become their company as a big, powerful and everlasting like stars in the sky

This is the First Logo of Samsung (1938) 
 This can be seen on Many Samsung products till now

This is the first Office of Samsung
40 Employees used to work in this company at their starting days

First Computer By Samsung(1982)
The Model Number of this PC is SPC-1000

Real Proof Of Ramayana : Original Photos, Evidance

Real Proof Of Ramayana : Original Photos, "RAMAYANA" Evidence of 17.7 millions year history. Here are the latest Photos with the Video slideshow of Ramayana places.

Civilised Bharatha ruined
 Foot Print
 Foot Prints of Ravana
 Jatayu rocks
 Ishtreepura cave (Langka)
 Rama bridge
 Ramnaam Carved Floating Stone
 Ravana Carving
  Sanjivani Mountain
 Sugriva Cave1
 Sugriva Cave2
 Sugriva Cave3
Sugriva Cave 4

Mobile Can Be Hacked With SMS : Shocking Kristography Technique

Mobile Can Be Hacked With SMS : Shocking Kristography Technique, here is the Exclusive News about the Mobile Hacking technology, But just sending a single SMS the Hackers can get the complete details about your Sontacts, SMS History, Call history ane Complete Memory card and Phone Memory Contents, Watch the video and Be alert guys