InfoLabs - The Benefits

What we gonna offer?

We’re not offering many things. We’re offering one thing in many forms.
The SUPPORT offered by us would be in the following multiple ways.

  1. Online Tests that add value to the quality of education.
We always dream of the day when the Education in India is digitalized.
We knew the fact a student can keep a thing in mind when he’s completely entertained with it. This ‘Entertainment’ played a key role in the success of many products. [ A well-known instance, facebook].  That’s why Education@Online is our first formula.
The 200+ online tests to be conducted by us will improve the chances of learning for every student, so that he can enhance the chances of earning.
These online tests have the base of the knowledge we acquired thro’ the years of analysis we did.
For instance, how Infosys is inviting graduates with excellent English ability, how TCS is taking the people with mental stability]
Online quizzes consisting of many previous placement test questions of renowned MNCs, and
competitive exams will really help the aspirant to form a fruitful career.

  1. Job Updates that keep the student ahead in the race.
Your website will be actively updated with the live campus placement news; that keeps you stand first in the queue. (As there’ll always be a long queue for a placement chance!!!).  This is how we do the Information Transfer.
Our work will integrate the opportunities information from multiples sources. (Can be a Company / Institution / College / any other useful source)
There’s no chance to miss any single chance!

  1. Spoken English Training : To excel in  English
The mandatory requirement for every professional in today’s world is the command over English. Fluent English is the primary base for excellent communication. Our tutorials and lectures help you reach ‘that’ milestone.

  1. General Knowledge : Get genuine awareness of current affairs
We believe that Knowledge is divine, and sharing knowledge is more than that.
You’ll be updated with latest news, that’ll really help you to get thro’ the competitive exams. Even for the students who’re into those sectors, it serves like a simple news channel.

  1. SMS and Mail alerts : When your site changes, your mobile rings
For every new feature added to site, you’ll get an e-mail or SMS alert, or both if necessary. Nothing is delayed to see a good thing!

  1. Daily news letter : Get genuine awareness of current affairs
Create a special label in your mail to filter these daily-news-letters from the spam messages in your mailbox! Not an interjection!! This mail may consist of technical or non- technical questions with relevant solutions. After all, who’ll miss the imperative content?!

  1. Live Help Assistance:  Keeps you in touch with us.
The live chat plug-in we’d enable in your site will offers you the freedom of knowing anything and everything.
You can ask us when we’re online, or can leave a message when we’re offline.

  1. English Literature / Telugu Saahityam:  Helps you learn the Values of Life.
And the final feature is the Literature gadget where the stories or epics returning the real survival value will be portrayed.


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