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IBM Offcampus Recruitment Drive for B.E / B.Tech / M.Tech-2011,2010 Passouts

Dear freshers(freshers-candidate name), Greetings from IBM Campus Hiring Team !!! 

We are pleased to inform you that we are looking for fresh campus graduates (passed out either in year 2010 or 2011) for our current hiring requirements. In case, if you meet the below listed criteria, and wish to under go the selection process of IBM, please provide the following details along with your latest resume without changing the subject line of this mail.

Eligibility Criteria:
1) Must be passed out of year 2011 or 2010.
2) Must have scored above 70 % without any backlogs and must have scored more than 65 % and above in Xth and XIIth Std.
3) Should be a B.E./ B.Tech /M. Tech with exception to certain branches. ( i.e. Pharma , fashion technology etc. )

If u satisfy the above criteria mail ur resumes to the below given mail id with Subject Line "IBM Confidential: Opportunity with IBM for fresh Graduates".

Mail id:

Subject Line: IBM Confidential: Opportunity with IBM for fresh Graduates

Field of Working: IT/Software Industry/Research

Job Role: Fresh campus graduates

Salary Offered: Best in industry

Job Location: Ahmedabad /Bangalore/Chennai/Dheradun/Gurgaon/Hyderabad/Kochi /Mumbai/New Delhi/Noida/Pune

Last To send ur resmues : 2/1/2012

For IBM Placement Papers visit the below link

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Ask following questions before you join any company for project

1.When this company started?

2.How many projects guided so far?

3.Which college students joined so far?

4.Which areas this company is guiding the projects?

5.How many months will it take to complete the project?

6.How many employees are working in this company?

7.What is the maximum group size you allow?

8.Is there any branch to this company? If so how many are there? Where are they?

9.What is the maximum cost of the project?

10.What is the minimum cost of the project?

11.What is website of the company?

12.May I know the fax no/ phone no or mail-id.

13.What is the procedure to be followed before we start the project?

14.What is the mode of the payment?

15.What kind of help company gives for preparation of final report?

16.What kind of projects you are guiding?

17.If it is hardware project, can we submit in the college?

18.Can you give some student names with phone number who has done project in this company?

19.Will company give any pre requisite training for the project?

20.If we have new ideas, can you help for implementation?

21.If it is a software simulation, what type software you are using?

22.Clarify the project type such as a) Hard design b) Hardware with software c) Software simulation d) Study project.

23.Before finalize title of the project, know brief details of project.

24.Finalizing company, area of project and title of project is equal to 30% of the project.

25.Which days we have to come to company for project?

26.Will you allow if our internal guide visits your company?

27.What is the name of the owner of the company?

28.Will you combine students from different colleges?

29.When can we start project?

30.What is the surety company gives to complete project in time?

Above are some of the questions you can ask before you finalize the project. Unless you visit atleast half dozen companies, you will not get an idea about projects.

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Top 10 online Advertising Sites
Advertising websites helps a blogger to earn money by joining Pay per Click sites which actually pays back for putting advertisements on the blog. And the best thing about it, you can join these sites free of cost once your site gets approved. Whenever the ads placed on your website are being clicked by anyone to visit your site, you will get paid for it. But one important thing to keep in mind is you are not allowed to click your own ads.

1] Google Adsense: Adsense is the number one website for the advertisement purpose for publishers who want to monetize their blogs and websites. Other than clicks on the ads, it also pays you for the impressions that your website create per banner.

2] Bidvertiser: It is also very good advertising website which is totally a PPC market and only pays for valid clicks. If you are able to maintain a good traffic on your blog, you can earn more than Google Adsense. One of the most important advantages of this website is its payout as their usual payout is $10 so it gets easier for new bloggers to earn money.

3] Adbrite: This is another advertising site which is basically for those bloggers who face difficulty in making profits through Google Adsense because of some strict terms and conditions of it. This site pays you according PPC and CPM Methods.

4] Chitika: It’s a new site and it shows the ads when a visitor comes to the website particularly via search engines. Here the relative ads are shown to the visitors based on the search and so there are more chances for the visitor to click on the ads.

5] Infolinks: It is an inbound text linking ad network which actually uses your content to place their advertisements. The keywords present in your website are highlighted along with that they are provided with various links to the other websites, so whenever visitors visits your website and they checks your content, he may click on the highlighted keyword and you earn your share.

6] Clicksor: The Best Online Marketing site which is very easy to Operate on any site, user Friendly

7] this is Not an advertisements on Blog site, this is the company which offers the income by sharing its link, if our traffic flows through that site we can earn from this, and it also shortens the URL, very Good Site Without Disturbing our site

8]Ozone Media: Thsi is another best site i am using now, there is no registration through online, if we need ads from this site we need to call the office, and this site will not allow to nude content and the ads displaying also good, thsi was Integrated with

9]ad Maya: AdMaya is one of the best PPC network who are based in India. If you are an Indian webmaster or your website has maximum traffic from India, then AdMaya will be best Adsense alternative to you. AdMaya deals in USD as well as in Indian Rupees also. So, you can get better opportunities for payment related issues. For advertisers, they can maintain their ad purchases in INR.

10]Kontera: Kontera is a popular monetization option for bloggers thanks to its easy to implement text link advertising program. The argument for and against text link advertising and the benefits and negatives of including Kontera ads on your blog to make money are discussed below, so you can make an educated decision as to whether or not Kontera is right for your blogging goals

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10 Awesome Google Search Hacks

 You may be spending hours in searching with Google.
So learn some Google search hacks to get effective search results.

1. Identify Local Time for Any City in the World using Google
If you want to know current local time in a particular city, use the following method. To see the current local time in Milan do the following.

time Milan

2. Search for Keywords with Similar Meaning using  Google
Instead of searching for only the given word, using ~ before the keyword you can instruct Google to search for webpages with the exact given word or the words which has same meaning. In the following example, giving ~tutorial also searches for keywords guide, manual, reference etc.

Linux Installation ~tutorial

3. Match Any Single Word in the Search Using *
While searching, if you are not sure about which keyword to be placed in the phrase, you can match any single word using *.
For example, if you want to search for examples of Jedit editor substitution, and you are not sure whether to search for “Jedit editor find and replace examples”, or“Jedit editor search and replace examples”, then use * , which will match either find, search or any other word, as shown below.

Jedit editor * and replace examples

4. Use OR in Google Search
Using OR operator in between the words makes the following kind of search possible in Google. Following example will search for Cuda examples or Cuda programs.

Cuda examples OR programs
The keyword OR should be in uppercase

5. Identify Definition a Word
To view the definition of a word use the following method.
 define: Operating System

6. Mathematical Calculations using Google
Normally for doing the metric conversions we will be using some online conversion websites or conversion softwares.
You can use the Google search box as your scientific calculator as


7. Unit Conversion using Google
The following will show the equivalent pounds for one kg.

kg in pound

8. Money Conversion using Google
Following converts US Dollars in Rupees.


9. Translate Using Google
Use Google to translate whatever word you wish to see in other language.

translate hello into French

10. Identify Local Weather for Any City in the World using Google
To see the current weather in Berlin do the following.
 weather Berlin


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RNEC ongole Mega Off Campus Drive-----






6.CAP GEMINI-Bangalore





11.AAS Technologies-Hyd



for more details:

click here

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List Of Windows Os Code Names
Microsoft codenames are the codenames given by Microsoft to products it has in development, before these products are given the names by which they appear on store shelves. Many of these products (new versions of Windows in particular) are of major significance to the IT community, and so the terms are often widely used in discussions prior to the official release

 Microsoft usually does not announce a final name until shortly before the product is publicly available.There has been some suggestion that Microsoft may move towardsdefining the real name of their upcoming products earlier in the product development lifecycle so as to avoid needing product codenames

Main Windows OS’s And Their Codenames

Windows 3.1

Windows 3.1, a successor to Windows 3.0 started the whole Windows series of OS’s. Released in March 1992.
Codename: Janus

Windows For Workgroups 3.1
Windows For Workgroups 3.1 is an extension for Windows 3.1. The extension was mainly for sharing resources for people who did not have centralized authentication server. It would use Server Message Block protocols over NetBios.

Codename: Kato, Sparta

Windows 95
Windows 95 was the Windows OS to have a graphical user interface. It was a large progression from Window 3.1. Windows 95 was first released on August 24, 1995.

Codename: Chicago

“Windows 96″
“Windows 96″ was never really released, it was simply a desktop update with Internet Explorer 4.0 included.

Codename: Nashville

Windows 98
Windows 98 was the successor to Windows 95. The code name was a clue to activate a easter egg! Windows 98 was released on 25 June 1998.

Codename: Memphis

Windows 2000
Windows 2000 is a successor to NT 4.0, and was succeeded by Windows XP, first released February 17, 2000.

Codename: Odyssey

Windows Me
Me stands for Millenium Edition, this is because was released in 2000, 14 September 2000 to be precise. It was shipped with Internet Explorer 5.5. It had the simular graphical user interface compared to most Windows 9X’s.

Codename: Georgia

Windows XP
XP is short for Experience, successor to both 2000 AND ME editions of Windows. Another big progression, Windows XP features new graphical user interface compared with Windows 9X editions. Windows XP was first released on October 25, 2001.

Codename: Whistler
Codename, SP1: Trainyard
Codename, SP2: Springboard

Windows Media Center Edition, 2003, 2004, 2005
The initial release was shipped with computers which had media center capabilities and could not be sold seperatly. The main feature is Media Center which allows you to do things like, view live TV, DVD playback. 2005 edition had capabilites with thw Xbox 360 and media center extender.

Codename: eHome
Codename, 2003: Freestyle
Codename, 2004: Harmony
Codename, 2005: Symphony

Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005
Same as original XP with touch screen technology and handwriting software.

Codename: Lone Star

Windows Server 2003, Small business server, Home server, Windows Server 2008
Server operating system for handling administrative tasks for severs.

Codename, 2003: Whistler Server
Codename, Small business server: Bobcat
Codename, Home Server: Q, Quattro
Codename, 2008: Longhorn Server

Windows Vista
New graphical user interface and visual style called Windows Aero – (transparent glass effect theme). First released January 30, 2007.

Codename: Longhorn
Windows 7
Yet another improvment to the graphical user interface and visual styles. Expected release date October 22, 2009 – (not accurate)

Codename: Blackcomb, Vienna

For more details about Microsoft Codenames check out Wikipedia

How Did The First Phone Call Work?
How did Alexander Graham Bell’s first telephone work and what was it made of? 
Read on to find out

A man operating Alexander Graham Bell's first telephone
Alexander Graham Bell’s big breakthrough came on 10 March 1876 when he used what he called a ‘liquid transmitter’. This was a vertical metal cone with a piece of parchment stretched like a drum over its narrow end at the base. On the outside of the parchment, Bell had glued a cork with a needle stuck in it, pointing into a tiny cup of diluted sulphuric acid.
When he shouted into the open end of the cone, his voice made the parchment vibrate, so the needle moved slightly in relation to a contact in the cup. The needle was wired to a battery and the movement varied the strength of the current passing between the contacts, thus converting sound waves into an electric signal which travelled along a wire to a receiver. While setting up the experiment, Bell spilt some acid on his trousers. Shouting to his assistant, Thomas Watson heard the message on the receiver in another room and rushed through to Bell, who had just made the first phone call.

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Why Do We Get Headaches?

The brain itself may not have any pain-sensitive nerve receptors,
but that doesn’t mean the inner head can’t experience pain…

as anyone who’s had a headache will know.
The most common form of headache is the tension headache.

When the muscles in your body stay semi-contracted for a period of time –
for example, when we feel stressed and can’t seem to relax –
this is known as muscle tension.

Such tension in the meninges (the membranes that help protect the brain),

or the face, neck and scalp muscles activate the body’s pain receptors,
sending impulses to the brain’s sensory cortex and signalling pain and causing a headache.

More frequent in women than men, the primary tension-type headache manifests itself as a dull ache across both sides of the head.

Secondary headaches, meanwhile, can be caused by an underlying health condition such as meningitis, a blow to the head or other sinus-related ailments

MP4 YouTube Downloader

MP4 YouTube Downloader

The Best Software i Have Ever Seen..
We Can get Directly Download Button Under A Youtube Video..
Not Only the Video playing in you tube... 
even if they are embeded somewhere in websites of blogs..
Its very easy to install.
just we can install in a fraction of seconds..
this is a Mozilla Firefox add on
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 This is the Look in My Blog

 This is the Look in Youtube

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Off-Campus Recruitment Drive For B.E / B.Tech / MBA / MCA -2012 Passouts on 10 Dec @ TRR Engg College, HYD

We are Pleased to invite all the students of 2012 pass outs of B.Tech / B.E (All Branches) / MCA / MBA for placements by Core IT MNC's at our college.

Job Role : Software Developer.

Eligibility : B.E / B.Tech (All Branches) / MBA / MCA-2012 Passouts (With minimum 50%).

Compensation : 1.2L To 2.2L/a.

Selection Process :
1) Written Test
2) GD
3) Technical Round
4) HR

Venue :
TRR Engineering College,
T R R Nagar,Inole Village,
Patancheru – 502301, Dist: Medak. AP
Phone: 08455-288586.

Date & Timings : 10th Dec-2011 at 08:00 AM To 05:00 PM.

Documents To be carried :
Multiple Copies of Updated Resmues.
College ID.
Xerox of all academic certificates.

Contact Details :
For more details & info u can contact : L.S.Sunaina +91-7893382777.
E-Mail Id :

Entry Fee : Rs.300/-
Wait untill the below image loads, u can get all the details from the below image

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RBI Young Scholars Award Scheme 2012 & test details

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has launched the RBI Young Scholars Award Scheme to generate interest in and awareness about the Indian banking sector and RBI. Under the Scheme, the RBI will select a maximum of 150 young scholars through a countrywide competitive examination and award scholarship. Selection test will focus on the role and functions of RBI and banks  in India and will be held in English as well as in all major regional languages. Selected candidates will be required to work on projects in select offices of RBI for 2 to 3  months and will be paid a consolidated stipend of Rs. 7500/- per month during the duration of the project. RBI will assist outstation awardees in boarding and lodging. The awardees shall have no right/claim for an appointment in the RBI.  Any candidate who had qualified and worked at RBI under the RBI Young Scholar Award Scheme in any of the previous years are not eligible to apply again.[Eligibility]All students, between 18 and 23 years of age, currently pursuing their undergraduate studies in any subject under any recognized university in India, are eligible to take the competitive examination. There is no application fee. The selection test will be held on January 29, 2012 at various centres across India. The results of the selection test will be announced in the first week of April 2012. Desirous candidates may submit applications only by the online mode. Last date for receipt of applications is December 16, 2011. Further details on the  RBI Young Scholars Award Scheme are available on RBI Website under the  and  also  in  the
‘Employment News’ and ‘Rozgar Samachar’
1. Eligibility
(A) Educational Qualification: All students across India who have completed 10 + 2 years of formal education or its equivalent from recognized institutions/boards in 2011 or before and are currently pursuing their undergraduate studies. However, those having enrolled for or having acquired degree(s) higher than graduation will not be eligible. Candidates who have qualified and worked at RBI as a Young Scholar in any of the previous years are not eligible to apply again.

(B) Age: Candidates should be of age 18 years or more but less than 23 years as on September 1, 2011

Read more: