Saturday, 26 April 2014

How Real Cricket 2014 got 1,50,000+ downloads in less than a month .

Real Cricket 14 is a cricket game by Nautilus Mobile which reminds you of EA cricket series.  There are probably more cricket apps in the play store than the number of nations playing it. However, what sets this one apart  is the fact that it  was released just prior to the on-going IPL season. Real Cricket 14 played well on the timing by launching around IPL season and to say that it didn’t succeed will be wrong. The game  was featured in the play store within three days of going live and has managed to get over 1,50,000+ downloads. The game is controlled by a virtual analog stick and best part is that unlike many cricket games it gives a lot of control to player both in terms of batting and bowling. It doesn’t let you down when it comes to accuracy either. The games has 27 strokes for batting and one can choose his  positioning on the batting crease, timing the shot, direction you want to hit in. Similar is the case with bowling, you can choose to spin, or have fast bowlers or medium pacers in your team. It provides a great freedom in choosing your line, length, pace, cut/swing on the ball. There are a lot of international teams to choose from; there are no IPL teams though as of now. There are around 15 fielding presets modes to choose from. The game works smoothly apart from some glitches here and there. Real Cricket 2014 Pros and cons The game has a great UI and the gameplay is very smooth once it loads. The feature and the number of gameplay options given to the player are also a great boost over other cricket based games. Some of the places where the team needs to improve are the loading time of the game and the responsiveness of the touch screen; it does not respond many a times which is very irritating. The toss screen also becomes non-responsive and takes time. In some devices, the player faces are replaced by black squares but it seems more of a device compatibility issue. All in all the game is fun and the number of downloads speak for itself. Nautilus earlier launched Song of the Swords for mobile and was also presented at MobileSparks 2013. ... read more on

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