Sunday, 1 April 2012

Microsoft and Nokia to invest 18 million Euro in mobile app development

Microsoft and Nokia have agreed to invest up to €18 million in app development for the Windows Phone platform. The duo launched the AppCampus program at Aalto University in Finland, which will run for the next three years, encouraging students to develop apps for both Windows Phone, Symbian and Series 40, though the primary focus will likely be on Microsoft's operating system. “AppCampus offers an unprecedented opportunity for entrepreneurs to put their ideas into practice and create world-class mobile products,” said Klaus Holse, president of Microsoft Western Europe. “We want to turn a new leaf in the mobile industry and foster Finland’s role as a center of excellence for mobile technology. Such investment into early-stage concepts has rarely been seen in this sector, and this demonstrates how highly both Nokia and Microsoft value Finnish mobile expertise.” Apps are key to the success of a mobile operating system and one of the primary reasons people choose Apple devices over those of rivals, due to the extensive library of apps available. Android is quickly catching up, but Windows Phone is lagging behind considerably. The problem for Microsoft, and Nokia as the primary phone manufacturer of Windows Phone devices, is that developers are reluctant to invest the time and money in creating an app for Windows Phone, as the rewards are currently limited compared to the two dominant platforms. In order tomake it more rewarding it needs apps to attract customers, making the situation a viscious cycle, with the only solution being active investment from Microsoft and Nokia, which the duo have finally decided to do.


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