Sunday, 25 December 2011

Ask following questions before you join any company for project

1.When this company started?

2.How many projects guided so far?

3.Which college students joined so far?

4.Which areas this company is guiding the projects?

5.How many months will it take to complete the project?

6.How many employees are working in this company?

7.What is the maximum group size you allow?

8.Is there any branch to this company? If so how many are there? Where are they?

9.What is the maximum cost of the project?

10.What is the minimum cost of the project?

11.What is website of the company?

12.May I know the fax no/ phone no or mail-id.

13.What is the procedure to be followed before we start the project?

14.What is the mode of the payment?

15.What kind of help company gives for preparation of final report?

16.What kind of projects you are guiding?

17.If it is hardware project, can we submit in the college?

18.Can you give some student names with phone number who has done project in this company?

19.Will company give any pre requisite training for the project?

20.If we have new ideas, can you help for implementation?

21.If it is a software simulation, what type software you are using?

22.Clarify the project type such as a) Hard design b) Hardware with software c) Software simulation d) Study project.

23.Before finalize title of the project, know brief details of project.

24.Finalizing company, area of project and title of project is equal to 30% of the project.

25.Which days we have to come to company for project?

26.Will you allow if our internal guide visits your company?

27.What is the name of the owner of the company?

28.Will you combine students from different colleges?

29.When can we start project?

30.What is the surety company gives to complete project in time?

Above are some of the questions you can ask before you finalize the project. Unless you visit atleast half dozen companies, you will not get an idea about projects.


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