Friday, 4 November 2011

World’s Cheapest Tab to Launch in India on October 5 at $35

Yesterday in Economics times astonishing news flashed on the most awaiting cheapest Tab to launch in India for students. HRD Minister Kapil Sibal is going to launch the cheapest Tab on October 5. This low cost device is going to hit the market by HCL. After so many delays the 3G Android Tab is going to be clutched by everyone at last. Now this Tab will reach the students from primary schools to universities on October 5 according to Kapil Sibal.

The Tab has fully touchscreen with built-in keyboards. It’s going to fire up the whole country as its going to support Android OS. But the version is not yet revealed. Along with the keyboard the device will hold 2GB RAM memory and looking the power condition of India the Tab will be powered by 2 Watt system. I would say it’s awesome to take home. You can afford this Tab at a price of $35 and take away any one inch as it comes with 5/7/9 inch screen. Connectivity is through WiFi but can’t tell about Bluetooth. It has the ability to read PDFs and supports video calling facilities too. Play songs and enjoy videos in Media player. The Tab has remote device management capability and has multiple content viewer. Other than it has Open office, sci-lab and internet browsing.

The tab is very cheaper than an iPad and additional features includes: Mini USB

  • SIM card slot
  • Mini SD card slot
  • Audio and Video I/O
  • Headphone jack
  • Web Cam
  • 2GB memory
  • No Hard disk
  • Solar powered option
  • Stylus (S-pen)

Download Apps from Android Market same as other sophisticated Tabs. Why not have this instead of spending a lot of money. It’s obvious that the Tab screen quality is not up to the mark but because of its cheaper price every Indian Going to have it with pleasure. . Indian youth have enough money to buy this affordable Tab.

The tablet gadget, which can be run on , is equipped with an, video-conferencing capability and a media player, among other facilities.

Sibal said the cost of the motherboard, chip, processing and other components cost a total of around 35 dollars but the government may subsidise 50 percent of the price for .
Sibal said the government, which hopes the cost of the device can eventually fall to 10 dollars, is in discussions with global manufacturers to start  of the device.
India, whose 63 percent literacy rate lags far behind many other developing nations, such as China with 94 percent, is making efforts to improve its troubled education system, which lacks investment in schools and teachers.
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