Thursday, 15 September 2011

NAC Tech Exam Pattern

NAC-Tech Exam Pattern : This test is divided in 2 parts. First part is mandatory for any one & second part is a optional test which the candidate has to choose the branch in which you want to get job in.
Part A – This has to attempted by every one. This is done to test the non-engineering skills of the candidate. There are 6 sections in this part. All the questions are objective types.The time allotted will be 135mins i.e. 2hrs.15mins for 111 questions.  The various sections are -
1. Verbal Ability Test : 25 questions to be solved in 20 mins.
2. Analytical ability : 30 mins to be given for 25 questions.
3. Attention to Details : 20 mins for 20 questions
4. Programming Fundamentals : 30 questions for 40 mins
5. Learning Ability Test : 10 questions in 20 mins.
6. Written English Test : 5 mins for 1 question.
Part B – This is to test the engineering skills of the students especially in their discipline. There will be 40 questions to be solve in 40 mins. All questions are objective types


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