Thursday, 1 September 2011

Interview Tips

As a fresher, current position and status can impact the way you are interviewed. Fresh Out of College
• The basis on which you will be judged is your academic background, family background, and interests.
• If looking for your first job, ensure that your previous experience, even if it is part-time, is noticed.
• Mention projects or responsibilities you may have undertaken. This will indicate your area of aptitude.
• You should be willing to put in regular hours, in line with the company's policies. The interviewer needs to know whether you can be punctual and put in full-time work.

Bring with you :
a) Copies of your resumes
b) References and letters of recommendations.
c) passport size photos

First Impressions :

There is a common saying that minds are made up within the first 5 minutes of an interview. So keep in mind these important first impression indicators.
• Walk in the door as if you already work there, carry yourself as though you feel perfectly comfortable with the situation.
• Arrive on time or a little early. In the waiting area, politely tell the receptionist who you are meeting and in a friendly way, ask where you should sit.
• Take slow, deep breaths to help you remain calm and focused.
• When introduced to the interviewer, have a firm, but not painful, handshake. Smile.
• Have good posture when sitting or standing.
• Introduce yourself in a relaxed, confident manner. Have a well-groomed, professional appearance.
• Project a feeling of confidence.
• Bring extra copies of your resume, some thing to write on and something to write with.


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