Friday, 2 September 2011

Infosys recruitment(Student eperience)

Test Paper :2
 Paper Type     : Candidate Experiences
 Test Date        : 23  August  2011 
 Test Location  : Heritage Institute Of Technology,Kolkata
 Posted By        : Bhaswati Chakraborty

Hi guys,
I am Bhaswati from ECE.Infosys started its recruitment procedure on 23rd Aug in our college.Our reporting time was 1-30pm.At first a wonderful ppt presentation was given which was followed by 2 videos.One of them was " how will you define big".Trust me it was just superb.Ahh,dat mysore campus...looked just fascinating in the other video.
recruitment process consists of two rounts.
1st one aptitude round and 2nd one HR round.

At about 4-50pm our aptitude test started.There were two sections.

In reasoning part there were 30 questions,40min time.
In verbal section there were 40 question 35 min time.
out of 492 students 367 cleared aptitude test.

In reasoning section there were:-
=>picture puzzle(5 questions)
=>2 puzzles(5 + 5 =10 questions)
=>data sufficiency (5 questions)
=>data interpretation(5 questions)
=>5 questions were like :
                        you provided with a statement " If B wears black,A will go with B."
                        options were-
            1.A wont go with B.
            2.B wears purple.
            3.B doesn't wear black.
            4.B wont go with A.
Choose two options in which 2nd option follows the 1st one.I don't know the exact term of this type of questions.

In verbal section there were:-
=>2 paragraphs( 1 large n 2nd one is a little smaller)
=> sentence correction
=> sentence completion
=> theme detection
=> sentence improvement

Large paragraph was too much time consuming.Try to solve it after attempting rest of the questions.

at about 10-15pm results were announced.
HR session was on the next was like:-

me: good morning sir.
HR: good morning.have seat.(after taking a quick look at my cv) you are from bengali medium.did u face any prob in heritage?
me: told
HR: do you watch hollywood movies?
me: told
HR: what have u done in your summar project?
me: told
HR: how did you manage the project work?
me: told
HR: Do you have any problem in getting placed out of state?
me: told
HR: what food will you be missing the most then?
me: told
HR: what do you do in your leisure?
me: told
HR: how do you plan for day to day life?
me: told
HR: do you stay in hostel?
me: told
HR: ok Bhaswati. Thank you.
me: it was nice to meet you sir. Have a nice day.

In HR round they just check your communication skill and confidence in representing your personal view regarding things.

Finally,results were declared on 27th Aug.357 students were finally selected. I was one of them.see you at mysore.


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