Tuesday, 30 August 2011

IBPS CWE Clerical Cadre Solved Sample Questions 2011: General Awarenes

IBPS CWE Clerical Cadre Solved Sample Paper 2011: General Awarenes
(1) Which of the following is not a function of a commercial bank?(1) Providing project finance
(2) Selling Mutual Funds
(3) Deciding policy rates like CRR, Repo Rates/SLR etc.
(4) Settlement of payments on behalf of the customers
(5) Providing services such as locker facilities, remittances etc.
Ans: (3)
2. An IPO is - 
(1). initial price offered by a private limited company to its shareholders
(2) an offer by an unlisted company for sale of its shares for the first time to the public
(3) used to increase the share capital of an unlisted company
(4) a book building process
(5) none of these 
Ans: (1)
3. Private equity investors, invest in a company based mainly on- 
(1) the age of the company
(2) the location of the company
(3) the activity undertaken-by the company
(4) the credibility and the valuation of the company
(5) the existing profitability of the company 
Ans: (4)
4. ‘Sub Prime Lending' is a term applied to the loans made to-
(1) Those borrowers who do not have a good credit history
(2) Those who wish to take loan against the mortgage of tangible assets
(3) Those who have a good credit history and are known to bank since 10 years
(4) Those borrowers who are most preferred customers of the Bank
(5) None of these
Ans: (1)
5. Which regulatory body on 16 August 2011 suggested that the Centre and the State governments should come out with a regulatory framework for the realty sector to protect consumers from unfair trade practices?(1) IRDA
(2) SEBI
(5) CCI
Answer: (5)

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