Monday, 1 August 2011

GRE 2011 pattern

hai frnds..
who are ready to prepapare GRE..please follow this new pattern for GRE2011..
The major changes that are going to be observed in the GRE new pattern of 2011 are as follows:-
  • More questions on reading comprehension will be added.
  • Analogies and antonyms will be removed from the test.
  • The scoring range for each section will be 130-170, with score increments of one point instead of 200-800 (with score increments of 10 points).
  • GRE test takers will be allowed to use calculators issued by ETS.
  • Unlike the current scenario where the test taker can not skip any question, the new format allow test takers to skip questions and come back to them later and review answers before submitting an entire section.
  • More questions on data analysis will be added.


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